At Atelier CROMA we Conserve and Restore your Old and Modern Art.
Zoé Sallin promotes a personalized treatment that’s adapted to the specifical problems of your art piece, while respecting the Code of Ethics for the Conservation of Art pieces. 

My objectif : combine technical and scientific knowledge to benefit the Conservation of your art work.


CROMA’s Atelier provide an all range of Conservation services for Old, Modern and Contemporary Work of Art.
Quote, condition report, structural and pictural treatments as well as gilding treatments. We take care of frames, easel painting and contemporary works with complex materialities.

Cleaning a painting:
differences between old and modern art. 


Varnish removal

The importance of premilinary tests


Structural treatment ot the canvas

Minimalist treatment

Since each intervention can potentially interact with the physical-chemical balance of an art work, at CROMA’s Atelier we pay particular attention to minimalism in the choice of our interventions. Whether it is old, modern or contemporary art.

However, when it comes to modern and/or contemporary art we are twice as careful since these pieces have an even more fragile materiality. Generally sensitive to water (water can cause particular chemical reactions) the treatments carried out on the latter must be custom made (example: selection of a suitable pH) by being the least interventionist possible. 

Ecology and Conservation

Ecology is a fundamental point that is particularly important to us at CROMA’s Atelier. Indeed, it is not only your works that we preserve but also the environment.

We take this into consideration in our treatment choices, trying to use as few solvents as possible and replacing them, as soon as we can, with eco-solvents (allowing to reduce toxicity to living beings and their environment). 

The consumables are chosen in order to avoid to the maximum the production of innutile waste (overpack, plastics, etc.) and the innavoidable waste are treated, sorted and recycled as best as possible.

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